Social Responsibility


D’Andre Insurance Group (DIG) supports initiatives to better the lives of children, families, and rescue animals. We are active philanthropists and have launched Pay Kids First Foundation. We continue to stay active in the causes listed below as well as others.

Society Issues

DIG led Independent child support research and advocacy - to increase awareness of this American crisis of payment defaults to women headed custodial parent households, and their children. The January 2018 US Census report finds that four out of five custodial households are headed by women. 22.4 million children under 21 years of age live in a household where one parent lived outside the household. This represents more than one-fourth of all children under 21 years of age and only 43.5 percent of custodial parents due to receive child support, received full support. States enforce an estimated $34 billion in child support a year. Research data in 2015 shows 59.8 percent received and the remaining 40.2 percent is added to the national child support debt arrears for all years outstanding which is now estimated at $116 billion. At DIG we see this as a national crisis.

This is the primary social cause of our firm.