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D'Andre Insurance Group

D'Andre Insurance Group companies service brokerage, expert witness consultation and testimony and research requests.
Better Service, Better Coverage delivered by kind, experienced professionals available virtually or in person.
Real people serving you - each and every day.

D'Andre Insurance Group is the holding company for D'Andre Insurance Services, LLC in Ocala, FL & Miami, FL and D'Andre Consulting Services, LLC in Fairfield, CT.

Multi-state licensed independent insurance brokerage firm also serving expert and research initiatives.

  1. Insurance Expert
  2. Brokerage Services
  3. Research New Product Lines of Coverage
    • ChildSupportPlus®
    • CSPlus®

Our Commitment:

At D'Andre Insurance Group, we treat our clients with courtesy, integrity and superior service. 

Licensed in Property/Casualty and Life/Health lines of coverage for multiple states; and worldwide via our network.

D'Andre Insurance Group Certifications

D'Andre Insurance Group (DIG) & Companies hold state and local Diversity Certifications.